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An entry about them in a parish magazine could give you an entirely new perspective on an ancestor, and open up potential new avenues of family history research. Alternatively, information in parish magazines about baptisms, marriages and burials might provide you with vital clues for your genealogy research, or help fill gaps in your family tree. Even if your ancestors aren't mentioned by name, parish magazines can give you an insight into life in the towns and villages where your ancestors lived.

Parish Magazine GroupDid your great-grandmother win prizes at Sunday School? Was she a teacher, or a member of the Girls Friendly Society? Or did she help the Church by taking on the role of District Visitor, or by organising flower arrangements in the Church, or helping with stalls at parish bazaars? Did your great-grandfather play for the parish cricket team? Or did he win prizes in the parish flower show? Was he one of those who regularly sang in the village entertainments? Or was he  a Church Warden or Sidesman?

By indexing the names mentioned in Victorian parish magazines, and various other church journals, Yesterday's Names produces on CDs a wealth of information specifically designed for use in family history research and genealogy.

Our CDs are available for an ever-increasing number of parishes. Many of our CDs contain just name index data, with details of each name mentioned in the magazines together with a brief description of each reference, plus a selection of transcribed articles. An increasing number of our CDs also include scanned page images from the original magazines. See our Sample Data pages for examples.

Our Parishes & Names section on this web site contains details of the parishes we have currently indexed, including the surnames featured in each parish index. 

Our range of index CDs is growing all the time, so keep checking back here to see if we have produced any data for parishes that you may be interested in. If you have any questions about our genealogy products please e-mail us for information at

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