West Brompton

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Middlesex - West Brompton (St. Mary, The Boltons)

1876 1879

CD. Parish Magazine name index and page images. This CD contains an index created by Yesterday’s Names listing all of the people mentioned in the monthly issues of West Brompton Parish Magazine published in 1876 & 1879, as well as scanned images of all of the local pages of the magazines (usually at least 4 pages each month). Events listed include Baptisms, Confirmations, Marriages, Deaths, Donations, Prizes (School), and Miscellaneous records. Over 1,200 name references in index.

Surnames listed in index :-

Abbott Adams Addison Adkin Aldin Alexander Alliband Allin Almond Amadie André Andrews Ankerell Annandale Archer Argent Arthur Ashby Atkin Austing Avery Bacon Baggs Baguley Bailey Baker Ballard Barber Barlow Barnett Barr Barrett Bartholomew Baruchson Barwise Bates Baugh Baverstock Baxter Bayley Baz Beckham Beesening Bell Bellingham Bennett Bentley Bergne Berne Bingham Blake Boag Bolton Bond Booth Bough Bowen Bowerman Boycott Boynton Bracking Bradford Bradley Bradshaw Brewster Bridgewater Bright Bristow Broadhead Brockwell Brooke Brooker Broome Brown Brownlow Bryan Bryon Bullard Burne Bushell Butler Buttery Button Caley Calvert Canning Carpenter Carsons Carter Case Cattell Champkin Chapman Chitty Christie Clark Clarke Clayden Clifton Cockle Cole Coleman Collin Collins Compton Cook Coombe Cooper Coote Coppin Cordner Corsar Cox Coxhead Craddock Crament Craven Cricket Crier Crofts Crossman Dakins Dalton Dandridge Daniell Dash David Davies Davis Dawe Dawson Day DeKretschmar DeLantour deLautour DeRoche Dean Dear Deighton Denny DesVœux Dibb Dove Drake Dransfield DuBoulay Dudman Dunstone Dyer Eason Ebers Edwards Eldridge Eliot Elliott Ellis Elwin Essex Etherington Evans Ewing Eyre Famin Farmer Farrant Fawcett Fidler Field Fielding Finlayson Fitch Forbes Ford Fowler Fox Foxley Franks Frudd Fruin Gadd Gardner Garner George Gianella Gibbins Gibbs Gilbey Gillespie Gilpin Gimbert Glanville Godman Godrich Godwin Goldie Gough Gould Graham Gray Greaves Green Greenhill Greenwood Greer Gregory Groombridge Gryths Gusterson Haines Hall Hamilton Hammond Hankey Hare Harris Hatchett Hatherall Hause Hayden Hayes Hearsey Helms Henton Herbert Hewett Hewitt Hill Hills Hine Hipkin Hoare Hobbins Hoblyn Hodkinson Holloway Holmes Honey Honkel Hood Hook Hope Horn Hoskins Howell Hudson Huggins Hughes Hulton Hume Hutchinson Iago Jackman Jackson Jaffe Jaffé Jago James Jeffries Jenkins Jenkinson Jenkyns Jennings Jerrom Jessup Johnson Joiner Jones Josselyn Judkins Karslake Katesmark Kearton Keen Kershaw Kinder King Kingdon Kirby Kirkham Knight Knowles Knowlman Lainson Lakin Lamb Lamborne Lancaster Larkem Laskey Latter Lawrence Lawson Lear Lee Leggatt Legrew Leigh Lichigary Lines Linford Little Lloyd Loch Locke Long Lovibond Lowe Lynn Macneill Macquoid Madeline Mallam Mann Marcus Markham Marnham Marriott Marsh Martin Mash Maslem Mason Maude Mawer Maynard McDannell McDonald McLean McLellan Meadows Medhurst Mercer Metcalf Miles Miller Mills Milman Milnes Mitchell Mobsby Monk Montgomery Moon Moore Morell Morgan Morrell Moss Moyle Mulholland Murray Nanton Nelson Nepean Netherclift Neville Newbold Newton Nunn Nutt Nye Oldall Oldfield Orchard Osborne Oxenham Paffard Palmer Park Parker Parkinson Parry Parsons Patrick Payne Peach Peacock Pearman Pearson Peile Percy Perham Perry Peto Pettigrew Petty Phillips Philpot Pizey Plumeridge Pogose Pointer Pollard Poole Portch Potbury Potts Pounds Power Prestwich Prime Pritchard Privett Proctor Pugh Pullain Purchase Puzey Quant Radcliffe Rance Randall Rathbone Rayner Read Reid Rendle Reynell Richardson Richmond Rimel Rivers Roberts Robertson Robins Roe Rogers Roper Rose Ross Rudkin Russell Rüst Ryman Sandys Sarel Saunders Sawyer Sayce Sayers Schenk Schlothauer Schooling Scofield Scott Seale Search Sellick Seymour Shallis Shephard Short Sibthorpe Silva Silvester Simons Simpson Sims Simson Skelton Slack Smith Soflet Soughton Sowton Sparrow Squires Stabler Staunton Stebbing Steele Stent Steuart Stevenson Stewart Stillwell Stratton Strong Swan Symons Syms Taverner Tayler Taylor Thomas Thorn Timbrell Tobin Todd Tomlin Toovey Townsend Treherne Trevor Tuck Tuffery Turner Turrell Vaughan Verity Veysey Vickers Vincent Wainford Walker Wallace Waller Walters Walterson Wannell Waples Ward Warren Waterman Watson Wayt Webb Wenman West Westaway Westmacott Weston Whalley Wheeler White Whitehurst Wickham Wilkinson Willett Williams Wilson Windsor Witts Wood Woodland Woods Woodville Woolcombe Worsley Wyatt Wyndham Young

The data on this genealogy / family history CD is in Acrobat pdf format, and a copy of Adobe Reader is provided on each CD. Our name indexes are fully searchable using Adobe Reader facilities, but any scanned images cannot be searched using this facility.  (Please note that the years given above are those in which the original magazines or books were published, not necessarily the years in which the events described occurred.)

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