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Yorkshire - Hull (St Paul's)

1884 & 1885

CD. Parish Magazine name index and page images. This CD contains an index created by Yesterday’s Names listing all of the people mentioned in the monthly issues of St. Paul’s (Hull) Parish Magazine published in 1884 & 1885, as well as scanned images of all of the local pages of the magazines (2 to 4 pages each month). Events listed include Baptisms (with names of parents), Marriages, Prizes, Donations, and Miscellaneous records. 1,800 name references in index.

Surnames listed in index :-

Affleck Allen Allerston Allison Alvin Anderson Andrews Appleton Arksey Arnott Ashley Atkinson Attwood Bailey Balchin Barker Barlow Barnaby Barnard Barnby Barrass Barrett Barrowcliffe Barry Barton Bass Battersby Baxter Baynes Beaumont Beckett Beckwith Beckworth Bennett Benson Bentley Best Bethell Betts Beynon Bilham Billham Binks Binnington Birch Birchenhough Blackburn Blake Blakey Blanchard Blanshard Bolton Booth Boothby Botton Bourne Boyes Bradley Braithwaite Brankling Bregazzi Bridges Briggs Briley Brittain Broadie Broadley Brook Broughton Brown Browne Buckley Bucknall Burnham Burns Burrows Burton Burwell Bush Butler Buttery Byron Cain Caley Calvert Campbell Capes Carey Caris Carlin Carr Carrick Cass Castell Catterick Cavanagh Chambers Chaney Chany Chapman Charlton Charter Chinery Clark Clarke Clayton Clifton Close Coggin Colley Collins Conkerton Connelley Connelly Conyers Cook Cooper Courtney Cousins Coxon Crawforth Croft Crouch Crowther Cudberton Daddey Dalby Dale Dales Darley Dawes Dawson Day Deakin Dean Dearing Dewhurst Deyes Dibb Dick Dickens Dickenson Dickinson Dixon Dobson Dook Dossor Dougherty Douglas Downes Dowson Drake Drant Drax Drewery Dry Duckels Duke Dunn Dunnell Duppay Durham Earle Eastwood Ellis Elsom Elston Embury Emerson English Evers Evison Ewbank Fallowfield Fawcett Fea Featherstone Fenby Fenton Fewlass Fewster Fisher Fleming Flemming Fletcher Forster Foster Fox Fralander Frank Fraser Frenneaux Frost Frow Fulstow Fussey Gamwell Ganderton Gardam Gardham Garton Gascoigne Geen Gibson Gilchrist Gill Gillaspy Gillyett Gladstone Glave Gleadow Glover Goodalll Goodrick Goodwin Gorden Gott Graham Grasby Graves Gray Greaves Green Greenfield Gregson Grey Griffin Gullowley Hackett Hagues Haigh Hall Hallgarth Hamer Hamlin Hammond Hancock Hansom Harbord Hardcastle Hardy Hare Harman Harnew Harrison Hart Hatfield Heath Hebblethwaite Hellings Hepworth Herbert Heron Hewson Hickling Hill Hirst Hodges Hodgkinson Hodgson Hodson Holdgate Holmes Holt Hopper Horan Horsley Horton Horwood Hoskins Howard Hubean Hudson Hughes Hultam Hunt Hunter Hurdman Hurst Hutton Huzzard Illingworth Ingham Jackson Jakeman Jeffs Jenkinson Jenkyn Joerck Johnson Jones Jordan Kaufman Kaufmann Keightley Kelly Kelsey Kemp Kershaw Key Kingston Kirk Knights Köhler Krüger Kynman Lambert Lane Langley Larter Lawrence Lawton Lazenby Leach Leaf Leak Leall Leathley Ledrew Lee Leonard Levee Levett Lewis Liddell Lidrun Lidster Linsley Lister Londesboro Lonsdale Loughton Lunt Lyon Lyons Maass Macclarron Malin Mann Markham Marritt Marshall Martin Mason Masterman Masters Maston Maycock Mayor McGowan McKay McNamara Meek Meggitt Melless Melling Mellon Metcalfe Meyer Middleton Miles Miller Mitchell Molineaux Molleken Moore Morrill Morrod Moss Mountain Mudge Munroe Murden Myland Mynett Naylor Needler Nelson Newby Newlove Newman Newton Nicholson Norfolk Norman Oakley Oates Ogle Oglesby Oldfield Overton Owens Palmer Panton Parker Parkin Parkinson Parr Parsonage Parsons Partis Payne Peacock Pearson Penn Perkins Peterson Pickering Pifield Piggott Pigott Platt Plumpton Pocklington Pool Porter Powell Pulford Pullan Quantock Ralph Ramsbottom Ramsdale Randall Raspin Rawlin Rawlings Ray Read Redford Reed Rew Rhoades Rhodes Rice Rich Richardson Ricketts Ridley Rilatt Riley Rimes Ringrose Risam Riseam Rispin Ritchie Roberts Robinson Rockliff Rose Rout Rowan Rowland Rowley Rowntree Rowsell Rudd Russell Ruttley Sadler Salmon Salvidge Sampson Sanderson Saner Sargeant Sargent Sawer Say Scholey Seddon Selby Seymour Shakespeare Sharp Sharpe Shearsmith Shields Sisson Sissons Skelton Slater Small Smawfield Smith Smithson Souley Southcoates Southgate Spence Spenceley Spencer Spiby Spicer Spours Sproxton Staggall Stainforth Standaloff Staniland Stannard Starkey Statersfield Stathers Steff Stigwood Stockdale Stokell Stone Stonehouse Storry Strachan Strafford Stronach Strutt Sturdy Stutt Sugden Sutton Swannack Sweeney Tadman Tall Taylor Taylor-Lambert Thackeray Thewlis Thomas Thompson Thorley Thornham Thornton Thorp Thorpe Tilson Tindall Tinsley Toft Tomlinson Tonge Townsend Trist Tupling Turner Vickerman Wade Wainwright Wales Walker Waller Wallis Walsham Ward Wardell Warrall Wass Watkins Watkinson Watson Watts Waugh Webster Wells Wellsted West Westmoreland White Whitehead Whitfield Wiles Wilkinson Willey Williams Willingham Willoughby Wilson Winship Winterbottom Woodcock Woodhead Woodmancy Woodmansey Woods Wright Yarker Yates Young

The data on this genealogy / family history CD is in Acrobat pdf format, and a copy of Adobe Reader is provided on each CD. Our name indexes are fully searchable using Adobe Reader facilities, but any scanned images cannot be searched using this facility.  (Please note that the years given above are those in which the original magazines or books were published, not necessarily the years in which the events described occurred.)

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